Catalysing Climate Change Adaptation: Women, Youth, and Climate Finance in Action

1 St John's Lane, London, EC1M 4AR
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About this Event

Women and children, who make up the majority of the world’s poor, are especially vulnerable to climate change impacts. In many societies, they have less access to resources, decision-making structures, training, and services, increasing their susceptibility to extreme weather events and climate-related displacement. They are also at higher risk of domestic abuse exacerbated by climate events.

The session “Catalysing Climate Change Adaptation: Women, Youth, and Climate Finance in Action” will explore the importance of empowering women and youth in vulnerable communities to drive climate adaptation actions. It will highlight their roles in locally-led climate action and how enhancing their access to resources and decision-making can promote climate-aligned development and disaster risk management. Discussions will also cover the need for gender-responsive climate financing instruments and equitable use of funds.

This event will gather organizations, practitioners, and decision-makers dedicated to empowering vulnerable communities, especially those near high-value forestry and conservation areas. By providing access to extension services, finance, business models, and capacity-building, these communities can become powerful advocates for climate-resilient development. Speakers and invited guests from Abt Global, Save the Children, IORA, Green Climate Fund, FCDO, and others will share valuable insights and experiences.