Carbon & biodiversity finance that supports community rights

BCG Office, 80 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 4QS
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About this Event

In a world where more and more people and communities are facing migration and disconnection from friends and family, ancestral territories, land and homes – rights to land and resources, and to live resiliently and well, are more important than ever. Natural Climate Solutions provide a significant opportunity to invest in and support Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPs & LCs) on the frontline of nature-based climate action.  Yet there are also risks, and getting it right is hard.

This event explores what tools exist to strengthen community rights and positive outcomes for people in different contexts, and what role carbon and biodiversity finance can – and needs – to play to help get it right. The event will feature key note presentations with case studies from UK, Liberia, Nepal & Latin America, and an interactive panel discussion.

The event is co-organized with Fauna & Flora, Peoples Forests Partnership, BCG & the NCS Alliance.  For more information, visit the registration page at the link below.  We look forward to seeing you there!