Can corporate lobbyists help solve the climate crisis?

The Exchange, Somerset House
In-person Delivering net zero and resilient London & UK Invite only Energy Law Politics and Policy Resilience

About this Event

Political influence is one of the most powerful tools companies have to fight climate change. But most companies – even those with strong commitments to decarbonise their own operations and value chains – aren’t using it very effectively.

How can we get more companies to use their influence as a force for good? And, given that most corporate political activity is indirect – via trade associations – how can forward-thinking companies make sure that their associations are pushing in the right direction on the policies that matter to them?

The session promises rich conversations with diverse stakeholders from London and beyond, ranging from corporates to NGOs and government representatives. There will be a short provocation from the Volans team to open up the discussion, followed by informal and interactive dialogue amongst attendees – perhaps atypical of a LCAW event!

This event is invite-only. Please contact if you are interested in attending.

About Volans:

Volans works with pioneering companies helping them transform successfully in the face of exponential change. Giving them the tools, narrative, networks and courage to create a shift to the new regenerative system.