Beyond Profit: How Can the Economy Evolve to Work for People and the Planet?

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About this Event

In this online panel discussion, we’ll be taking a closer look at the relationship between finance and the climate crisis and what actions can be taken at a grassroots, community level to shift the economy to help reverse the problem.

We’ll hear from Erinch Sahan, Doughnut Economics Lab, who will explain the concept behind the Doughnut Economy and how adopting it is vital to successfully tackle the climate crisis.

Importantly, we will look at how we adopt these principles, what changes need to take place and how can everyday people and community-based organisations all play a part in shaping an economy fit for the future.

Mary Stevens from Friends of The Earth will join us to highlight the urgent need for funding for projects that protect the future of the planet and how the Money Movers initiative is helping more women take control of their finances and use them as a force for good.

We’ll cover:
Doughnut Economics explained
What changes do we need to see in the financial landscape to help make it a reality?
People power: how everyday investors can provide a better source of funding
What are the big opportunities in 2024?
What options do we have and how can we play our part?
Audience Q&A