Barnet Climate Action Month

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About this Event

The first-ever Barnet Climate Action Month (BCAM) is taking place from 10 June to 7 July 2024, and marks a significant milestone in the Barnet’s journey towards sustainability. Also coinciding with LCAW, residents across Barnet will engage in a wide variety of activities aimed at promoting environmental awareness and collective action against climate change. These will include:

The aim of BCAM is to promote a programme of events that allowed people of all ages to learn more about climate change and sustainability while having fun and connecting with their community. Find the full list of events by visiting our dedicated BCAM webpage here.

Looking ahead, the council hopes to make BCAM an annual event, encouraging continued participation and engagement from the community. Sustainability is a year-round commitment, and BCAM serves as a catalyst for ongoing efforts to promote environmental stewardship and resilience.

Keep up to date with Barnet Council’s social media for more events coming up this month, and you can see the full list of all the BCAM events happening on our website. There’s a whole array of events to choose from and plenty of ways to get involved this BCAM! Join us on our journey #BarNETZero.