Aligning investment with climate action: a conversation

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About this Event

As the window for action on climate change closes, how can governments respond swiftly to ensure land-based investments contribute to building resilience and adaptive capacities, rather than worsen devastating climate change impacts? How can this be paired with curbing investment incentives for emissions-heavy activity, promoting instead zero-carbon investments in the interest of all? 

In this conversation experts will discuss the ways in which governments are seeking to prioritise, incentivise and coordinate action for climate-aligned investment across sectors through laws and policies.

Change at the national level will not be sufficient. We need international investment frameworks designed with climate change in mind. Aligning investment treaties with climate goals involves rethinking issues such as which investments are promoted and how, and how to safeguard space for public action.


  • Grace Brennan, programme associate, Columbia Centre on Sustainable Investment (CCSI)
  • Isaac Mwaipopo, executive director, Centre for Trade Policy & Development, Zambia
  • Lorenzo Cotula, principal researcher and head of law, economies & justice programme, IIED
  • Olivia Rumble, director, Climate Legal & adjunct senior lecturer, University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Dr Ayele Hegena Anabo, national environmental law development & enforcement advisor, GIZ/Ethiopian Environmental Protection Authority
  • Emily Polack, senior researcher, law, economies & justice programme, IIED