AimHi Earth’s Sustainability Training

Virtual Mobilising Whole of Society Climate Action By registration Education

About this Event

The ultimate 90-minute crash course to get to grips with the key climate, nature and sustainability concepts, how they link together and how to talk about them with impact!

AimHi Earth specialises in empowering large organisations to achieve their sustainability transformation with bespoke, live and online training that moves people.

This is a free session for solo learners and anyone interested in getting a taste of our live training.

Our Unique Approach
⭐️ Combines hard science with compelling storytelling
⭐️ Goes beyond just carbon emissions
⭐️ Leverages human psychology for meaningful change
⭐️ Connects the climate and biodiversity dots without overwhelming with data overload

Topics Covered
✔️ Feedback loops and tipping points
✔️ Biodiversity, nature-based solutions and rewilding
✔️ Emissions (Scopes 1, 2, 3 and 4)
✔️ Fossil fuels and energy
✔️ Land-use and soil science
✔️ Regenerative farming and food systems
✔️ Technological solutions
✔️ Key Green Skills

This session is for anyone looking for…
⚡️ A dynamic exploration of key climate and sustainability concepts
⚡️ Tools to communicate these concepts effectively
⚡️ Ways to cut through misinformation
⚡️ Optimism and energy to make a difference in your personal and professional life Plus…
⚡️ A Q&A to delve into topics of interest to you
⚡️ An exclusive LinkedIn badge to showcase your new skills