Accelerating clean energy access in Africa by unlocking the catalysing potential of carbon finance

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About this Event

In 2023, renewable energy capacity reached a record 3,870 GW, but growth remains uneven. Asia, especially China, leads this expansion, while Africa saw only a 4.6% increase, totaling 62 GW, despite 600 million people lacking access to energy.

To meet SDG7 by 2030, electricity access needs to triple, requiring 90 million new connections annually and doubling clean energy investment. The panel will explore innovative climate finance strategies to help renewable energy companies, particularly in the solar sector, secure necessary investments.

Panellists will discuss the role of carbon markets in boosting climate finance and attracting international capital to Africa. This could de-risk renewable energy investments and create new sustainable economic opportunities, such as exporting green hydrogen.

Moderator: Susie Wheeldon, Head of Communications, GOGLA


  • Rosalie Marsden, Senior Associate, Acumen
  • William Brent, CMO, Husk Power Systems (Minigrids – Nigeria)
  • Dennis Nderitu, Energy Systems Manager, Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet
  • Pablo Fernandez, CEO, ecosecurities