About London Climate Action Week 2024

Now in its 6th year, London Climate Action Week (LCAW) marks the midpoint in the global climate calendar. This annual festival of climate action brings together individuals, organisations and communities as they host a diverse range of events and collaborations.

Join the next virtual London Climate Action Week (LCAW) stakeholder meeting where we will update on the festival’s progress and share your plans and opportunities.

Stakeholder Meeting 10 April – 12.00-13.00 BST
Register at: https://e3g-org.zoom.us/j/83184461008

LCAW Secretariat (hosted by E3G) will host the next stakeholder meetings – put them in your diary! Follow us on Linkedin/X and register using the form below to get updates and invitations.

8 May 2024 – 08.30-09.30 BST – London EC1 – In Person LCAW Stakeholder meeting/networking
5 June 2024 – 12.00-13.00 BST – Virtual LCAW Stakeholder meeting

As climate change impacts ripple into everyday lives, cities must play a vital new role in building public support for ambitious and fair climate action. Helping all to move beyond technical targets to pioneer new approaches to inclusion, institutional change, and accountability.

London Climate Action Week aims to mobilise whole-of-society climate action in a diverse global city, through innovative coalitions and city-wide engagement. It is now the largest climate festival in Europe.

In 2024, join us in harnessing the power of London to accelerate global climate action.

Register your interest in organising an event or campaign for LCAW 2024 here.

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Everything you need to know London Action Climate Week 2024

London Climate Action Week is an annual event bringing together world-leading climate expertise to help solve the climate emergency. LCAW was established to create space for London’s climate professionals and communities to come together and find solutions to climate change. Founded in 2019, LCAW is the largest independent climate gathering in Europe.

The LCAW organising team acts to convene climate leadership and provides a platform and thematic structure for the London Climate Action Week events. Event organisers are responsible for organising and hosting their own event(s). Your event can take place at any time and place during the LCAW dates.

Participation in LCAW is open and free of charge. There is no charge to register your event in the official LCAW programme. Event organisers will need to cover their own event costs and promotion. For partnership opportunities to support LCAW and our community, please get in touch with the Secretariat.

Organisers can select to make their event ‘public’ and open to all or ‘private’ for a specific group. Organisers can also highlight specific audience groups for their events (e.g. Public, Policy Makers, Academia, Business, Community, Civil Society and NGO or Other).

Organisers can choose to make their event free or can charge attendees. This should be made clear in the organiser’s invitation process.

Organisers decide on what platform they use depending on which is most suitable for their event. Note: The LCAW Secretariat is unable to provide technical assistance in running events.

Organisers decide on the length of their events and can decide to run multiple events. From experience, when running digital events, timeslots of 1-1.5 hrs are recommended.

Panel discussions, digital campaigns, announcements on new commitments to climate action from business leaders, greenspace celebrations: all of these and more. The choice of format is open to event organisers to design as appropriate to their desired outcomes.

There are few barriers to participation – we ask that event organisers align with the ethos of what we are co-creating. All voices are welcome, but we do not encourage events that benefit from the sponsorship or direct financial support of businesses, organisations or groups that are antagonistic to the need for climate action and a net zero future. Likewise, we expect organisers to embrace the rich vibrancy and diversity of London and her communities, and ensure climate action brings people together, emphasising climate justice, humanity and equality. London Climate Action Week is collaborative and inclusive, ambitious, and solutions focused. We cannot accept events which are financially sponsored by fossil fuel companies or which undermine climate ambition.

Organisers are invited to apply to register an event at LCAW on the website. Registration will open in April 2024 and we will invite all organisers to complete a form with details of their event(s). Note that there is no longer an event organisers’ section on the website that you have to log in to. We will share materials directly with event organisers and stakeholders.

Further guidance will be provided by the LCAW Secretariat through communication on the website, Linkedin and Twitter and via our mailing list. Please register on our mailing list to receive regular updates and information.

What help do you give organisers?

Stakeholder meetings will be announced via LCAW website, Linkedin and Twitter and via the mailing list. You can join these to find out more about the process and to engage with others hosting events.

The LCAW Secretariat will share an event organiser’s toolkit as materials become available. These materials will include branding guidelines, the LCAW logo and banners, and social media templates. Forthcoming materials will include:

  • Template press release
  • LCAW boilerplate
  • LCAW branded materials
  • Social media assets
  • Example social media posts

LCAW Event organisers can hold in-person, hybrid and virtual events – in London and internationally with partners. LCAW encourages a festival style diversity of events ranging from panels, conferences, summits to trade fairs, workshops, cultural, faith and community gatherings, art installations and public engagement. Events may be private or public events.

As a meeting organiser, make sure that you know the current COVID-19 regulations and feel comfortable talking to other attendees about safety. Consider arranging for the host or speaker to remind attendees of safety best practices before the meeting starts. And if you are attending a meeting, don’t be afraid to remind others of how they can help keep themselves and others safe.

Please get in touch with us by emailing our info box: info@londonclimateactionweek.org

Also be sure to sign-up to our mailing list to ensure you receive all LCAW communications and invitations to stakeholder meetings.

London has a world-leading concentration of climate professionals working in the public, private and knowledge sectors – as well as in charities and not-for-profit organisations – with local, national and international reach.

London Climate Action Week was forged to bring these actors and organisations together to enhance collaboration and the creation of an ambitious and active London “climate cluster”. Climate change is a systemic challenge requiring all sectors and disciplines to work more closely together to develop and scale-up innovative solutions at pace.

As one of the world’s major cities, London’s citizens and communities – in the widest sense – are increasingly aware of the urgency of the need for climate action. Climate change is an existential threat, requiring an “all of society response” that acknowledges and welcomes the diversity of perspectives and experiences of Londoners.

As many Londoners have international heritage, connections and experience, we expect London Climate Action Week to have a global perspective with culturally rich events and initiatives that have impact and outcomes that are felt far beyond London’s geographic boundaries.

London Climate Action Week will convene communities and citizens from across London. It aims to be a unifying moment shaping a “whole of society” response to the climate emergency. To that end, we ask that event organisers align with the ethos of what we are co-creating. All voices are welcome and we expect organisers to embrace the rich vibrancy and diversity of London and all of its communities, and ensure climate action brings people together, emphasising climate justice, humanity and equality.

LCAW asks all organisers to consider the wider diversity of speakers at their events, including ethnicity, disability, and age. Make reasonable attempts to secure a diverse line-up of speakers; this aim can be more easily met by having a balance of reserve candidates, consulting potential speakers before the final date is set, and contacting speakers sufficiently in advance to allow for any child care needs that may be necessary.

All LCAW organisers, and speakers are expected not to knowingly use language which may be deemed to be discriminatory or offensive to any participants. All organising companies/bodies are expected to be tolerant of the beliefs of others and be sensitive to the influence of ethnic and cultural background, the needs of those with disabilities and issues related to gender, marital status, sexuality, socio-economic background and age.